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Human immunodeficiency virus is a retrovirus that invades cells in the immune system, creating an environment susceptible to infectious diseases. HIV/AIDS has been known to create severe weight and appetite loss, known as AIDS wasting syndrome, which creates an impact on health and quality of life. However, many more HIV/AIDS patients suffer from the nausea created by the drugs used for the treatment of the disease and cannabis helps relieve this symptom.

Due to the compromised immune system caused by HIV, health concerns have arisen due to risk of respiratory infections from smoking. In addition, contamination of medical marijuana with bacteria and fungus spores can be life-threatening to AIDS patients. Due to these health risks, vaporizing or the consumption of medical marijuana edibles is recommended for those patients at higher risk of respiratory infection.

Many doctors and AIDS patients have discovered that medical marijuana use allows them to fight nausea and stimulate the appetite in order to help support their anti-retroviral therapy regimen. In addition, medical marijuana has also been found to help relieve the pain associated with HIV including headaches, leg cramps, chronic fatigue, and general body pain. Finally, medical marijuana has been found to be an effective sleep aid for HIV patients.