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NaturaLeaf Reward Program

Colorado Springs Dispensary Deals

To show our appreciation for choosing NaturaLeaf, we offer both member and non-member cash back rewards.

All of NaturaLeaf’s pricing is “out the door” (OTD), meaning the prices you see listed are what you are paying, so the taxes have already been included! (A $20.00 item actually costs $18.47 plus $1.53 tax = $20.00 OTD)

NaturaLeaf Reward Program

Non-Member Reward Benefits

NaturaLeaf believes that even non-members should be able to enjoy cash back rewards. That’s why non-members will receive 5% cash back for every dollar spent.

Member Reward Benefits

We truly appreciate all of our patients that choose NaturaLeaf to be their trustedmedical marijuanaprovider. There are a number of benefits that members are able to enjoy:

  • All members receive 6% cash back for every dollar spent and can receive an additional 10% on average.
  • All membership privileges and reward points can accumulate and can be redeemed at all 3 NaturaLeaf locations in Colorado Springs.
  • Members are eligible for member only giveaways and specials throughout the year.

Interested in Becoming a NaturaLeaf Reward Member?

If you’re interested in all of the benefits of our member reward program and would like to join, visit any of our 3 convenient locations to get signed up!

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