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What is Sativa?

With so much information surrounding marijuana, you sometimes just want to know the basics of what it is. So, what is Sativa?

Sativa is a tall, thin plant, with narrow leaves and grows a light green in color. Sativa can reach heights of 20 feet in a single season. Sativa originated in Colombia, Mexico, Thailand & Southeast Asia.

Once flowering has begun, they can take anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks to fully mature. Flavors range from earthy to sweet and fruity. Sativa strains generally have higher THC than CBD which equated to a cerebral, soaring type of high, more energetic which can stimulate brain activity. Sativa plants are taller, take longer to mature, have less chlorophyll and more accessory pigments (accessory pigments protect the plant from excessive sunlight). As Sativa strains take longer to grow, mature, and require more light.

Sativa typically takes longer to germinate and flower also and grows more gangly than Indica breeds. Yield is usually lower than Indica but is very potent.

What are the medical effects of Sativa?

Sativa predominant strains offer medical effects that are generally described by a sense of energy, well-being, and confidence. Sativa works by stimulating the neurotransmitter serotonin which acts in the central nervous system and is responsible for mood, appetite, and sexual function. Those with heightened anxiety or certain mental health concerns may need to use caution. Sativa is suggested to be used during the day.

  • Activating
  • Anti-Depressant
  • Chronic Pain
  • Increases Focus
  • Increases Creativity
  • Increases Seratonin