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December Vendor of the Month: marQaha


At NaturaLeaf, each month we recognize a select vendor to introduce our customers to new brands and what they bring to our dispensary, as well as new offerings from the brands that we already know and love. For our December Vendor of the Month, we are excited to bring you tinctures by marQaha!

marQaha means “bliss” - and that is exactly the feeling you will experience from the moment their products touch your tongue. Dedicated to the belief that cannabis offers diverse therapeutic experiences to all people, marQaha’s focus has always been on creating whole plant extract products that combine cannabis with a range of other natural ingredients. The result is well-balanced, harmonious ingestible products that bring the balance of the natural world into every drop of marQaha tinctures.

What are tinctures? When cannabis flowers are soaked in alcohol, the result is an infusion of cannabinoids and terpenes that contains a high amount of active ingredients. The liquid can then be ingested - commonly, people place a few drop s under their tongue, where the blood vessels in the mouth quickly absorb the cannabinoids. They can also be mixed into food or swallowed, though the effects will take longer to set in this way.

Like flower, tinctures come in various strains, which can be separated into Sativa or Indica as the basic types. Sativa tinctures are associated with a “head high,” and leave most users feeling euphoric and uplifted, making them a common choice for pain control and appetite stimulation. Indica tinctures, on the other hand, are associated with a “body high” - in addition to relieving pain, they are known for helping users to sleep, and many people even report that they help with depression. Hybrid tinctures contain a mixture of both sativa and indica components.

NaturaLeaf is proud to feature marQaha as our vendor of the month. All marQaha tinctures are natural, vegan, and gluten free, featuring terpene profiles that can’t be found anywhere else. Whatever your medical marijuana needs, NaturaLeaf is here to help you find the product that suits your individual needs.