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February Vendor of the Month: Coda Signature

Medibles Inc.

NaturaLeaf is proud to announce our February Vendor of the Month, Coda Signature. Coda specializes in cannabis-infused goods and leads the industry with stunning artistic creations and a penchant for the high-quality production of unique edibles. Offering both medical and recreational products, Coda Signature takes our February Vendor of the Month spot based on the dedication and innovation that they bring to the industry – and just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Who is Coda Signature?

Coda Signature displays its commitment to quality by placing a high level of importance on quality. Their aptly-dubbed Director of Concentrates brings more than ten years of relevant experience to the table and focuses on precise supercritical CO2 extraction methods as well as developing new ways to better enjoy their products, including the introduction of a custom cartridge and battery setup. They remain committed to delivering consistent quality, product excellency, and powerful flavor with every edible they produce.

What Products Do They Offer?

Their medical menu boasts a vast selection of chocolates and gummies that offer a world of unmatched flavor and character. Using ethically sourced cacao beans from various locations in South America, Coda Signature edibles provide an experience that captures the climate, traditions, and environment of each specific growing region for unparalleled flavor. They use fresh ingredients and whole spices to pair with their cannabis oil creating a product that is natural and pleasingly distinctive.

Naturaleaf Applauds Coda Signature’s Efforts

At NaturaLeaf, we’re proud to support vendors like Coda Signature because they set the bar for the industry. Our goal is to help you find the right edibles and other cannabis products that are a good fit for your life, and our February Vendor of the Month is an easy one to place our stamp of approval on. Contact us for more information about Coda Signature products and to witness some of the other products we have in store.