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January Vendor of the Month: Sweet Grass

Sweet Grass

Each month, we choose one of our premier providers to highlight for their great products that can be found on our shelves. This month, NaturaLeaf is excited to start out 2021 by bringing you Sweet Grass as our January vendor of the month!

Have you been searching for Cannabis infused desserts that truly taste incredible and satisfy your sweet tooth’s cravings, while also bringing you the relaxation or medication that you need? Back in 2009, Sweet Grass founder Julie Berliner brought her homemade chocolate chip cookies to the market, from humble beginnings to becoming one of the most loved brands in the Colorado Cannabis community.

The secret to Sweet Grass’ success is found in their process of creating cannabutter, which includes growing and harvesting their own cannabis in-house, utilizing only the best parts of the flower for production, and straining the butter multiple times during the process. The butter is used to bake their award-winning desserts that make them an easy choice to be our vendor of the month! With their commitment to consistency, safety, and effect, all of these products will keep you coming back for more!

Sweet Grass provides both recreational and medical products that contain accurate dosing information and can be enjoyed in a variety of types and flavors:

  • Cookies - The original chocolate chip cookies are here to stay, and Sweet Grass has added a variety of flavors such as Double Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter Chocolate Bit, and even White Chocolate Butter Pecan! These soft and buttery cookies will melt in your mouth and elevate your mind.
  • Brownies - What about when you’re craving brownies? Sweet Grass comes through again with triple-packs of 10mg brownie bites made with bittersweet chocolate and loaded with full-flower butter.
  • Pies and Specialty Items - In addition to snack-sized treats, Sweet Grass offers speciality items such as seasonal pies and Peanut Butter & Jelly cups to satisfy whatever your sweet tooth desires.

With an award-winning lineup of tasteful treats, at NaturaLeaf we are proud to host Sweet Grass as our vendor of the month for January, 2021! We are happy to assist any of our customers in finding the right products to match your needs and your taste buds.